Take the limits off and make your life count


image credit: freedigitalphotos.net


It was a Sunday afternoon with little or nothing particularly special about it. I walked in a bit late into an awareness session organised by my church for autism spectrum disorder and related child developmental disorders after the worship service. As I settled into the business of the moment, I could not help but appreciate the commendable eloquence with which the speaker delivered her awareness talk and the equally impressive research outcomes which she so professionally brought to the attention of the audience. Before long however, the speaker was done and I thought to myself how excellently the speaker had delivered on her task. Indeed it was a very enlightening session on a topical issue. The next thing that happened was the most inspiring thing I have witnessed in recent times. As the speaker finished her task, a young lady walked up to her and led her away from the podium where she stood. So this lady is visually impaired I thought to myself. Senior research fellow, PhD holder, Wow! How inspiring, how motivating!  The impression has been at the front burner of my mind leading me to ask myself what ‘tangible’ course I have really applied my life to. With all my senses, organs and systems intact, I cannot restrain myself from the determination to do more while I have my being. Surely, the only limit stopping me from living out my full potential is the limit I set myself. I am resolved more than ever before to make an impact in my lifetime.   I hope this inspires someone to do the same. Cheers

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