Teingo Inko-Tariah is a Corporate Governance & Anti-money laundering practitioner as well as a consumer protection enthusiast. She is a Partner at Accord Legal, a law firm based in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.

The aim of this blog is to highlight and follow up on trends in the Nigerian corporate governance & anti-money laundering landscape.

Outside of legal practice, Teingo is involved in volunteering. She is also enjoys watching soccer, and playing table and lawn tennis. Teingo can be reached on Twitter Linkedin & Google+

All publications on this blog are for information purposes only and no information should  be construed as a form of legal advice.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I love this little sis. The Lord will bless, increase and florish the works of thy hands. Ride on girl. May He cause his face to shine upon you and favor you all around as you pursue this just cause.

  2. This is really great stuff you have going on here, the next step is driving traffic to it. Its put in simple terms that people like me who do not have patience for financial news, talk less of our rights will find really interesting.

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