Whistle blowing in Nigeria remains a risky venture.

An overview of the current state of affairs regarding whistle blowing in Nigeria.


Nigeria’s Money Laundering (Prevention & Prohibition) Bill, 2016 to capture religious organisations, non-profit organisations, charities and law firms

  Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has sponsored two bills to check corruption and money laundering in Nigeria in line with the anti-corruption posture of his administration and in consonance with the key thrust of anti-corruption during his election campaign. The two bills – ‘Money Laundering (Prevention & Prohibition) Bill, 2016’ (The Bill) and ‘Mutual Legal…

Nigerian Bar Association resolves to introduce Guidelines on Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Terrorism Financing for Nigerian Lawyers and Law firms.

The Nigerian polity has witnessed a huge wave of media reports on the fight against corruption and terrorism recently. President Muhammadu Buhari made the fight against corruption a key thrust of his campaign and has continued to issue statements that portray him as one who desires to tackle the issue of corruption in the country.…